Monday, April 15, 2013

Catch and Release.........

Hi and welcome to our new blog,

The ethos or idea behind this blog is as the title says to promote
Catch and Release of all species of fish whether caught by lure or bait 
in Ireland.

The logo above features one of our favourite sportfish the ''European Seabass'' which is pound for pound
one of the best fighting and most sought after fish in Irish waters.

To start off there will be four of us contributing to this blog ....

Tomasz from Kerry of Seabass Hunting

David from Arklow of East Coast Fishing

David from Dubin of Lurefish Ireland

myself , Jay from Wexford of South East Lure Angling

and a few others as the year progresses.

Our plan is to try and showcase the fantastic sportfishing that Ireland has to offer
and I'm sure that we can cover lots of ground and have lots of great content in the 
coming months............ 

I'm looking forward to seeing how this project develops throughout the year
and with a bit of luck and some good weather we can catch some nice fish
and have a bit of fun along the way.

Tight lines,